Teaching at DCIM

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The DCIM team is involved in teaching and supervising programs at the diploma courses “Lightweight Engineering” and "Simulation Methods" at the following modules in the School of Engineering Science:

  • MW-MB-LB-17, 9th semester, Function-integrative Lightweight Structures
  • MW-MB-LB-21, 9th semester, Advanced Seminar: Special Problems of Lightweight Design
  • MW-MB-LB-24, 9th semester, Research Internship
  • MW-MB-SIM-08/LB-12, 6th/8th semester, Mechanics of Beams and Shells (Stab- und Flächentragwerke)
  • MW-MB-LRT-24/SIM-22, 9th semester, "Structure, Flow, Coupling" (Struktur, Strömung und Kopplung)

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The work in the Dreden Center for Intelligent Materials is interesting, challenging and industrially relevant. We are looking forward to you joining our team for a student's research project in course of your studies or as a Student Assistant project! Whatever course of studies at the School of Engineering Sciences (Computational Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and their variants) you are taking: If you are motivated and enthusiastic, we will find an insteresting subject for you!

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Open topics for Bachelor, Master and Diploma Theses, i.e. longer project works in course of your studies: Open topics for Student Assistants and Senior Student Assistants, i.e. where you will work with us in course of a student job (Studentische Hilfskraft, Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft) according to the regulations of TU Dresden:

Do you have your own ideas how you can support our commong goal? Please send us your interest for a topic at dcim-news@tu-dresden.de