Data-driven exploration and design of materials

Monday August 21st - Thursday August 24th 2023
an International Summer School
organized by the
Dresden Center for Computational Materials Science (DCMS), the Dresden Center for Intelligent Materials (DCIM) and the D³ Research Training Group 2868

New and optimized materials are the key for a sustainable future. These materials are developed more and more in a multidisciplinary context. The paradigm of data-driven materials exploration combines and bundles the insights from different fields, such as chemistry, physics, computer science and engineering.
The new Research Training Group 1868 "Data-Driven Design of resilient meta materials" (D³) aims at realizing a fully digital, data-driven approach to design meta-materials for the sectors of energy, medicine and mobility. Together with the Dresden Center for Materials Science (DCMS) and the Dresden Center for Intelligent Materials (DCIM), we organize this year's joint summer school from Monday August 21st to Thursday August 24th 2023 in Dresden.
Internationally renowned speakers from D³, DCMS, DCIM and from abroad will present their perspectives in a 5-day workshop in the spectrum of data-driven design of materials and structures. The program will be enriched with hands-on training on big-data models, as well as lab visits at our partner institutes and the TU Dresden. The application deadline is over and the invitations mails are being sent out the next days. Thank you for all your great applications!

Update: Please note that the summer school now ends on Thursday, August 24th.

Confirmed Speakers


On every day, there will be morning and afternoon keynotes by internationally renowned scientists. There will be contributed talks by the members of the GRK2868 and the Dresden Center for Intelligent Materials ( about the subjects of the day. They will give short introductions to their specific methods of their field. In the afternoon, there will be insights into cutting-edge research with hands-on training sessions. There will also be the possibility for a conference dinner at Schillergarten Dresden and a conference barbecue at the TU Dresden campus.

Monday 21.08. (Introduction & DCube-Day)
Tuesday 22.08. (Data-driven Methods)
Wednesday 23.08. (Materials Design)
Thursday 24.08. (Structural Design & Wrap-up)
09:00 Registration
10:00 Welcome & Opening
Giovanni Cuniberti & Markus Kästner
10:15 Keynote Lecture
Ferdinando Aurrichio
Additive Manufacturing. A world full of opportunities and challenges!
11:30 Keynote Lecture
Dennis Kochmann
Data-Driven Inverse Design of Architected Materials
Group Photo & Lunch
14:00 Afternoon in two groups
D³ participants:
project presentations in the D³ cluster, PI-meetings
non-D³ participants:
Poster-pitches & get-together
18:00 "Conference Barbecue" at the TU Dresden campus
09:00 Keynote Lecture
Marco Salvalaglio
Modeling pattern formation and analyzing emerging morphologies
Coffee Break
10:30 Keynote Lecture
Ivo Sbalzarini
Design Centering and Data-Driven Coarse-Graining
11:30 Contributed talk 1
Bohayra Mortazavi
First-Principles Multiscale Modeling Enabled by Machine Learning Interatomic Potentials
12:00 Contributed talk 2
Max Rosenkranz
Data-driven modeling of viscoelastic materials using physics-augmented neural networks
14:00 Afternoon keynote
Waiching Sun (join via Zoom!)
Non-Euclidean geometric learning for modeling and design of solids
15:00 Introduction to Machine Learning for Engineers
09:00 Keynote Lecture
Giovanni Cuniberti
Mens agitat molem: the age of intelligent materials
Coffee Break
10:30 Keynote Lecture
Julia Hufenbach
Design of novel high-carbon steels for additive manufacturing
11:30 Contributed talk 1
Adrian Ehrenhofer
Towards end-to-end design of active hydrogel composites
12:00 Contributed talk 2
Bernardo Ribeiro
Exploring new RCCAs/RHEAs through High-Throughput screening of the MoNbTaWX (X= Al, Ti, V, Cr, and Zr) system
14:00 Afternoon keynote
Stefano Curtarolo (join via Zoom!)
Techniques to design new ultra-high-temperature-ceramics
15:00 Hands-on: The A-Flow Database
18:00 optional "Conference Dinner" at the Schillergarten Dresden (Self-service area, ask for DCIM)
09:00 Keynote Lecture
Fadi Aldakheel
Efficient multiscale modeling of heterogeneous materials using deep neural networks
Coffee Break
10:30 Keynote Lecture
Markus Kästner
Model- and data-driven methods to explore structure-property linkages
11:30 Contributed talk 1
Mihaela Chiappetta
Sparse-grids uncertainty quantification of part-scale additive manufacturing processes
12:00 Contributed talk 2
Georgios Tzortzinis
3-D auxetic truss lattices for high performance concrete
14:00 Afternoon keynote
Markus Bühler (join via Zoom!)
The mechanics of bio-inspired material intelligence
15:00 Conclusion & Wrap-up


The application deadline is over. The acceptance mails will be arriving shortly. Thank you for all your great applications!

Scientific Board/Organizers

Organizing Board


This Summer School is supported by the TU Dresden School of Engineering Sciences and is part of its internationalization strategy.